Chamber of Serres (Lead Beneficiary)

The Chamber of Serres is a local organization of businesses and companies in Serres with the intention to develop and further the interests of local companies and businesses in Greece. Founded in 1947, has approximately 10.000 members and consists of three sectors: Trade (3.600), Manufacturing (1.400) & Services (5.000). In the context of the responsibilities and activities of the institution of CCI, the Serres Chamber in cooperation with other local institutions supports its members through its activities and initiatives and contributes to the economic and social development of the Prefecture.

Serres Chamber’s activities involve:

  • compliance of the General Commercial Registry
  • service of One Stop Shop
  • submitting memoranda and proposals to Ministries
  • providing an Office for Investors’ Information
  • giving answers to investment plans
  • providing services to the Hellenic Foreign Trade Board Office
  • providing Business School
  • organizing commercial and professional delegations and meetings
  • participating in international commercial exhibitions
  • developing and keeping a data base of Businesses of the Prefecture of Serres
  • an Information Office advising members on tax and insurance topics.

The Serres CCI is called upon to play a leading role as spearheading Greek economic collaboration especially with the Balkan countries, and thus it has developed excellent relationships with those countries, and in particular with Bulgaria. One factor that contributes positively to this is the position of the Prefecture of Serres, with the entrance and exit to and from Eastern Europe.

SCCI has participated in various projects in the past including (indicative list): Learning Community”, “EMPLOCOMP”, “ENACT”, “ENTRE+GB” “SKILLS BALANCING, EMPLOYOUTH.

Partner’s Budget: 197.457,50 €

Lifelong Learning Center of Region of Central Macedonia SA (Project Beneficiary 2)

Life Long Learning Centre of Region of Central Macedonia is the only Life Long Training Center that belongs to the Region of Central Macedonia.

Life Long Learning Centre of Region of Central Macedonia has 4 certified departments in 4 different municipalities in the region.

The LLLC RCM has received Accreditation/Licensing from National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP), which is the National Reference Point for Quality Assurance in VET and represents Greece in the European network for Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training (EQAVET).

In the framework of different types of EU co-financed, National or Regional Programmes implements many actions and training programs for unemployed people, employees, entrepreneurs and unemployed potential entrepreneurs, in fields such as finance and administration, tourism, agriculture, ICT, etc., granting them training and specialization certification. It also runs training programs of complete interventions for special categories of people, such as repatriates and other social vulnerable people but also counseling (mentoring) for the above groups.

The LLLC RCM from 2002 until today implemented or has in phase of implementation 30 projects focused on job training with involvement of 200 instructors and scientific collaborators.

LLLC RCM has an extensive experience in EU co-financed projects so far: the current period is a project partner implementing training programs, with title “Strengthening the entrepreneurship culture and collaboration in the eligible program area” and acronym STRENGTHEN, which has been integrated and co-financed by the cross-border program “Interreg VA” Greece – Bulgaria 2014-2020 ” and as Lead Partner of  the project with title title “Upgrade of skills for young designers, fashion graduates and start-ups in the cross-border area and development of a Fashion Employment Hub” acronym “Fashion Employment Hub . In the previous period implement as in the framework of the project ToCULTER (Greece-the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2014-2020) at the project BORDERLESS CULTURE (Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020). Αs Lead Partner the project PARK (Greece-the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2007-2013) which included an Incubator Department, business plans, a joint web-based business promotional platform, e-learning program and training programs targeted at entrepreneurs, potential entrepreneurs and unemployed, study visits etc. In the project “Interregional Management of Human Resources/HURMA” (Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013) implemented vocational training seminars for unemployed trainees, guidance of unemployed with counseling services consultancy/mentoring) and tutoring for the management of the active human resources that move along the cross border region to find employment opportunities.

Partner’s Budget: 122.490,00 €

Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Blagoevgrad (Project Beneficiary 3)

Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Blagoevgrad was established in 1992 as an independent non-governmental organization of employers. The main objective of the organisation is to protect the economic interests of its members, to provide information and advice to companies in Southwestern Bulgaria, to support their efforts for financial stability and competitiveness.

The Chamber:

  • assists, promotes, represents and defends the economic interests of its members;
  • participates as an employers’ organization in the tripartite cooperation in compliance with the normative conditions as well as in other state-public or public bodies and organizations where it presents to the competent state and municipal administrative bodies a concerted opinion of its members on the discussed normative acts and decisions for economic activity;
  • establishes contractual relations between companies from the Blagoevgrad region with potential foreign partners from Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, etc.;
  • promotes abroad opportunities for Bulgarian companies to participate in the international division of labor;
  • organizes centers for economic and technical information and takes part in the work of foreign centers;
  • consults the marketing, advertising and other activities of their company members. In carrying out its tasks, the Court interacts with the competent state bodies and organizations;
  • works for the establishment of its municipal structures / business representations / in the municipalities from the territory of the district;

Blagoevgrad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as part of the structure of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), is fully integrated into the system of the Chambers of Commerce in the EU.

Partner’s Budget: 153.417,50 €

European Information and Consultancy Center – BG Regions (Project Beneficiary 4)

The association is founded in 2012. In 2015 the association changes its Managing board and begins more active work in development, implementation and coordination of the management of development projects for the utilization of funds in domestic and international development programs and carry out joint activities with other NGOs; carries out and develops contacts at local, national and international level in order to create partnerships, exchange of best practices, developing and adapting models for socio-economic, environmental and cultural development.

Partner’s Budget: 54.535,00 €