LB: Chamber of Serres                                             

Kostopoulou 2, Serres

Contact person: Thomai Boziou, Vicky Mpitsiou

Project Manager / Communication Manager: Thomai Boziou

Financial Manager: Katerina Tzimoula

Tel: +3023210 99732, 99744

Fax: +302321099740

Email: [email protected]

PB2: Lifelong Learning Center Οf Region Οf Central Macedonia SA

Terma Omonoias Str., 62100, Serres, Greece

Contact person: Kalathas Athanasios

Project Manager: Matziari Chrysoula

Financial Manager: Kalathas Athanasios

Tel.: +0302321045405

Fax: +0302321051861

Email: [email protected]

PB3:  Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Blagoevgrad

Todor Alexandrov str., fl. 6, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Contact person: Romeo Shatev

Project manager: Romeo Shatev

Financial manager: Borislav Chobanov

Tel: +00359 73 885017

Fax: +00359 73 885018

Email: [email protected]

PB4: European Information And Consultancy Center- BG Regions

9, Pitu Guli str., fl. 1, 2700 Blagoevgrad

Contact person: Adriana Krasteva

Project manager: Adriana Krasteva

Financial manager: Tatyana Kozhuharova

Tel: +00359897600974

Fax: –

Email: [email protected]